2024 8th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Materials Science (EEMS 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

· Energy Science and Energy Technology

· Solar Energy Engineering

· Biomass Energy Engineering

· Wind Energy Engineering

· Nuclear Energy Engineering

· Hydrogen and Fuel Cell

· Energy Materials

· Storage Technology

· Energy-saving Technology

· Energy Chemical Engineering

· Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies

· New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles

· Energy Equipment

· Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings

· Energy Security and Clean Use

· Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

· Environmental Chemistry and Biology

· Environmental Materials

· Environmental Safety and Health

· Environmental Planning and Assessment

· Environmental Analysis and Monitoring

· Environmental Engineering

· Pollution Control Project (Air, Water, Solid)

· Waste Disposal and Recycling

· Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

· Noise and Vibration Control

· Clean Production Process

· Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

· Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering

· Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control

· Cultivation and Conservation of Forest

· Plant Protection

· Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Science

· Land Resources Environment and Urban Planning

· Environmental Protection

· Materials Science and Energy Technology

· Metallurgical Materials Recycling and Environmental Protection

· New composite environmental protection materials

· New environmentally friendly nanomaterials

· New Functional Materials  

· New Energy Materials

· New environmental materials